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European Delights

7 Nights   3 Hotel

European Delights

Paris - 3N, Zurich - 2N, Lucerne - 2N

European Highlights

6 Nights   3 Hotel

European Highlights

Paris - 2N, Interlaken - 2N, Zurich - 2N

Scintillating Europe

12 Nights   3 Hotel

Scintillating Europe

Paris - 2N, Interlaken - 2N, Lucerne - 2N, Zurich - 1N, Milan - 1N, Florence - 2N, Venice - 2N

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Every year, millions of people travel to France, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations. Go on a wine tour, learn about art and culture, observe the dazzling architecture, or relax in the countryside, the choice is yours.
Best Time to Visit France
France can be visited all around the year, although fall and spring are the best time to explore this country.
Spring season is the ideal time to explore Southern France as the prices are affordable and the atmosphere is good.
In Summer, France is swarmed with tourists as the weather is good and you can see several major sights at this time. However, if you don’t want to share the place with a lot of tourists then avoid traveling in the months of July and August.
The fall season lasts from the month of September to November and you see a drop in the prices. And the weather turns a little chilly but still pleasant so it is a good time to visit France without spending a fortune. You will get good France tour packages to choose from all-around the year.
Places to Visit in France
When you are choosing a France tour package for yourself, make sure that a few of these places are included in it.
The City of Love needs no introduction and a France tour without including Paris is an incomplete trip. This is the perfect city for hopeful romantics as one can stroll around the streets and get lost in the magic of this city.
French Riviera
For people who are looking to spend a luxurious time in France, French Riviera is the spot. It is a popular beach destination which receives mild to warm climate throughout the year. And Riviera is quite famous for the glamorous events like Cannes, St. Tropez, etc.
Mont Saint-Michel
One of the most spectacular tidal islands, located on the Northwestern coast of France is the Mont Saint-Michel. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations because of the gorgeous medieval structures built here, along with the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel and should definitely be a part of your France tour package.
Loire Valley
Loire Valley is situated in the center of the country and is popular for its amazing scenery, chateaux, historic village, and gorgeous vineyards. Here, you can enjoy wine tasting on the numerous wine tours and can explore some famous chateaux like Chambord, Chinon, Rivau, and so on.
Located right at the border of France and Germany, Strasbourg is particularly famous for its historic center, Grande Ile. You will find here both French and German architecture and can spend time checking out the beautiful museums, cathedrals, cafés, etc.


Places in France

Paris Nice Lille Chamonix

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