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Hong Kong 7 Nights

7 Nights   3 Hotel

Hong Kong 7 Nights

695 - 4N, 697 - 3N

Hong Kong & Singapore 6 Nights

6 Nights   3 Hotel

Hong Kong & Singapore 6 Nights

Hong Kong - 3N, Singapore - 3N

10 Nights Macau, Hong Kong Disney Land & Hong Kong

10 Nights   3 Hotel

10 Nights Macau, Hong Kong Disney Land & Hong Kong

Hong Kong - 10N

Hong Kong & Malaysia 12 Nights

12 Nights   4 Hotel

Hong Kong & Malaysia 12 Nights

Hong Kong - 3N, Hong Kong Disneyland - 3N, Macau - 3N, Kuala Lumpur - 1N, Langkawi - 1N, Penang - 1N

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This is one of the oldest Taoists temples built in 1847 by wealthy Chinese merchants. There are two idols inside the temple, one is the God of Literature and the other is the God of War. Earlier people used to go to the Man Mo Temple for settling disputes. There is a bronze bell in the temple which was also built in 1847, this bell is often renovated but its original appearance is preserved.
Hong Kong Disneyland is situated on the Lantau Island and is equally popular among children as well as adults. Most of the adventure in Disneyland is geared towards the younger population but there are also attractions for the entire family. Get an adrenaline rush with the racer halfpipe and the space mountain roller coaster.
This is another popular theme park in Hong Kong and it is quite an experience in January. Ocean Park is based on marine life and showcases around 400 fish species. This park boasts of its largest aquarium dome in the world. Ocean Park will also allow you to witness a variety of marine animals such as the seals and sea lions.
10,000 Buddhas Monastery is a quirky temple built in the year 1950. Not many of the tourists visit this temple because it requires a bit of climbing reaching the top and people with mobility issues often finds it difficult. The trail through which you need to walk is lined by interesting golden Buddha statues, each of which is different from the other. As you are visiting this place in the month of January, the weather is completely dry and the stairs are easily accessible.
As January is one of the coldest months in Hong Kong, you can warm yourself at the Ozone after a daylong trip. It is located on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton and gives a spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour. Enjoy from a wide array of drinks which includes wines, champagnes, gins as well as some signature cocktails.
Visiting Hong Kong in January is often a very good idea as it is not crowded by tourists. Also, you get to experience a different side of Hong Kong in the winter months. Hong Kong tour package in January will delight you and leave you with the desire to visit this city again.

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