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The major attraction of Dubrovnik is the Old Town. It is surrounded by massive walls and you can go for a walk along the walls. The walk lasts for around two hours and it is indeed an amazing experience. As the walls are considerably higher, you get a wonderful view of the city from here. Afterwards, you can visit the stunning beaches of Dubrovnik. Here you won’t find many sandy beaches. Most of them are rocky with crystal clear waters. Some beach time in Banje Beach is a must if you want to relish your stay in Dubrovnik. Kayak sunset tour is the highlight of the Dubrovnik trip. It is indeed an impressive experience and worth your time.
The second day of the trip starts with visiting the Rector’s Palace. This is one of the prime historical attractions in the city. This palace was used to be the seat of power for the Rector of Ragusa. However, in the present time, this remarkable palace is a tourist attraction and also a backdrop for season two of the Game of Thrones series. It takes around an hour to explore the palace. Later on, you can go for a walking tour and get a glimpse of the different parts of the city where the filming of GOT has taken place. Taking a guide is recommended who has good knowledge about all the filming locations in Dubrovnik. This walking tour lasts for around two hours. If you want to have an authentic food experience, Dubrovnik has some of the best restaurants that offer mouth-watering delicacies. Do give it a try!
If you are a beach person, you can start the day with a boat trip and explore some of the magnificent islands. This is a great way to spend some leisurely time in Dubrovnik. The boat tours last for a half day (around four hours) or all day (around eight hours). If you plan for a half day boat tour, you can also take up the cable car ride to Mount Srd. There is a fort on the top from where you can get a panoramic view of the surrounding. This tour takes an hour and can be best enjoyed during sunset.
This 3 days Dubrovnik itinerary will leave you relaxed and refreshed. It is recommended to pack your beach shoes because the pebbly beaches of Dubrovnik might cause discomfort if you do not have the right shoes.


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