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15 Nights Honolulu, Bahamas, Seattle, Washington

15 Nights   3 Hotel

15 Nights Honolulu, Bahamas, Seattle, Washington

Boston - 3N, Chicago - 2N, Las Vegas - 2N, New Orleans - 1N, Orlando - 1N, Philadelphia - 4N, Honolulu - 1N, Nassau Bahamas - 1N

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The east coast trip of USA offers a unique blend of exciting history, unique culture and breathtaking views of the tourist hotspots scattered across the eastern seaboard. Hearing the names of these historic cities and states can conjure up the images of the attractions that you have seen or heard one way or the other. If history is not your thing, there are enough natural wonders, mountain trails, national parks that are sure to impress most visitors. The thunder of the Niagara Falls, the serenity of the Berkshires in Massachusetts, or the gorges of the Delaware River Gap will make you realise that you are on one of the best vacations of your life.
A city that always welcomes you
New York City a.k.a. the ‘Big Apple’ is one of the biggest metropolitan and the most popular travel destination in the world. Also known as the ‘City that never sleeps’, New York is also a city of superlatives.
New York is the nation’s trendsetter and claims to be the most happening city in business and cultural activities. For more than a century, this historic city has been one of the world’s important centres of commerce and finance. Not a surprising statement, considering it was the city where the World Trade Centre once stood and where one can find the Wall Street - a place that keeps the financial pulse of this country ticking.
The landmarks of this city have grown deep into American history. This was made popular through books, songs and movies over the years. This city is famous for its shopping boulevards, the Broadway, the Empire State Building, and of course…great food. New York City is the home of the Times Square, Greenwich Village and the famous Chinatown. This east coast trip of USA includes sightseeing in New York’s famous landmark Statue of Liberty. Here you can take a ferry to the Liberty Island for a mesmerising view of the New York City Skyline. Long Island, Rockefeller Centre, NYC Central Park and United Nations headquarters are also important places to visit.
No matter when and where we travel in the USA, there are a few things one has to do, visiting Niagara Falls is one of them. One can enjoy the grandeur of the Niagara Falls at any time of the year while indulging themselves in hundreds of attractions that pop-up around the site all year round. A must-see place on the east coast.
An urban wanderer’s heaven
New York is full of pleasing visuals of life for people who have an eye for them. Architectural surprises, sweet-smelling cafes, ambient bookstores – this city is an explorer's delight. You can lose yourself in the bustling streets of Chinatown, experience the serenity of Buddhist temples or savour the aroma of noodle shops. When the sun sets beyond the Hudson, stars and radiant skyscrapers light up the night sky. You can experiment with stand-up comedy, indie cinemas, burlesque, ballet and poetry performance in theatres around here. If you can dream up of some art form, it will be happening somewhere around you.
An epicentre of the arts and the finer aspects of life, New York City wears many crowns and offers something for all. This city is the hub of the arts with The Met, and The Guggenheim being the starting few names of a dizzying list of art-world titans. Here you can find museums devoted to almost everything. From the classics from Vienna to galleries filled with Japanese art; and post-modern paintings to traditional Indian art, there are myriad exhibition spaces dotted around the city that can add to the creative tastes of any art connoisseur.
If you are scouting for places to visit on the east coast in summer, or winter, NYC should be at the top of your consideration. Our east coast USA tour package will ensure that you will look towards this magnificent city in admiration, awe and wonder.
A history by the water
Boston is a city that is remembered for its revolution and transformation. One can feel the historic vibes of this city by experiencing a walking tour along the Freedom Trail, which starts at the Boston Common and passes through the State House, King’s Chapel, the South Meeting House, the site of the Boston Massacre, and many other taverns where the Founding Fathers of this nation toasted to their freedom.
The arts have thrived in Boston for many centuries. Boston was also dubbed as the 'Athens of America'. The elites of this city appreciated paintings and classical music, but they left no stone unturned to spread the cultural wealth of the nation. They did so by building museums, libraries and orchestras for the public to appreciate.
A foodie heaven in a traditional backdrop
If you add Boston to your east coast USA itinerary, we have a word of advice: eat as much seafood as possible. Boston is famous for its local delicacy, ‘Sacred Cod’ that includes steamed lobster, oysters and creamy chowder. You can eat seafood anywhere in this city, but make it a point to experience it in the Seaport District, where good food is accompanied by breathtaking harbour views.
For all its intents and purposes, this city is one of the oldest one in America. It’s almost impossible to imagine taking a step along the cobblestone paths without running into some iconic monuments. Boston is a city where America’s history unfolded. From the first public school in the country to the oldest church, Boston is, in all its totality, one incredible outdoor museum – waiting to be explored.
On this East Coast tour, you will reach the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ - popularly known as Philadelphia. This city is blessed with the grandeur and culture of a big city. Known as ‘Philly’, Philadelphia is sure to enthral you with its rich history and small-town charm.
Philadelphia was declared as the World Heritage City by UNESCO in 2015, and rightly so. Founded by William Penn in 1682, Philadelphia includes plenty of sites that must be on the to-do list of any tourist. Here you could visit the famous Liberty Bell – a symbol of American liberty, and the Independence Hall - the cradle where real America was born, as this is the site where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were debated and signed by the founding fathers. This city will help you admire the deep emotions and the resolute for freedom that motivated the nation’s new founders.
Civic pride meets poetic beauty
While keeping its history aside, Philadelphia evolved industrially and came to be known as the ‘Workshop of the World’. The industries generated huge amounts of wealth that gave birth to the present day icons of this city. Buildings like the City Hall, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the cultural landmarks like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Penn Museum were the projects that resulted in a social transformation of this city. The spirit of civic pride is further strengthened by the contributions of Dr Albert C Barnes, who amassed an impressive collection of art for the public.
In Philly, contemporary landmarks like the Isaiah Zagar – Philadelphia's Magic Garden is infusing a breath of fresh air to the creative sentiments of this city. The present-day visual appeal of this city can be attributed to the urban beautification and regenerations endeavours like the Mural Art Program. This initiative has transformed the city into a stunning outdoor art gallery while the verdant wilds of Fairmount Park ensure that nature and greenery are accessible. Make it a point to go cycling on the beautiful trails of the Schuylkill River and give a perfect, and a peaceful start to your day.
One important stop along your trip on our east coast USA tour package is the city of Washington DC. Monuments, memorials, vibrant neighbourhoods and a unique local character make this city unlike any other in the USA.
Power is the biggest reason why this city emits such a palpable buzz. The USA’s capital is teeming with corridors of power and authority where leaders and visionaries walk and make plans that influence the world. In this city, you can sense the authority of power and America’s magnetic leadership in the sites like the Washington Monument, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court etc. If it hasn't crossed your mind already, Washington DC is where you could find the White House. Make sure you make it a point to get a picture of yourself with this well-known building in the backdrop.
The monument city of America
In Washington, there is nothing like the Smithsonian Institution; a place of endless, artefact-filled museums that are lined up one after the other. The National Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Reynolds Center for American Arts and many others await you here in Washington. In a single day, you could see the Declaration of Independence, the signature of John Hancock over the National Archives, stand on the site where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his ‘I have a dream’ speech, take a stroll across the streets near the Watergate building that got Nixon in trouble, sees the flag that inspired the American national anthem, and come close to the site where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
There are also monuments spread across the city that gives us an insight while narrating the horrors of the distant past. These symbols of loss include the breathtaking Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial; places that must be added to your east coast tour itinerary.
Washington also showcases the best of American arts and is the home to celebrated venues like the National Theatre, Kennedy Center and the Folger Theatre Jazz music which makes the world tap its feet also finds a storied history in the streets of this city.
A culture by the coast
No trip of the eastern coast of the USA is complete without a visit to the seaside fantasy – a state that’s immensely popular around the world and goes by the name of Florida. This sunny state must find a spot on your list of places to visit on the east coast in summer.
Florida is home to a thousand worlds. From magic kingdoms to Latin American districts, Caribbean capitals, wild wetlands, spotless beaches and artist avenues – all encapsulated within this vibrant and rich peninsula. It is no mystery that Florida peninsula is wildly intoxicating due to its sandy beaches, warm waters, soothing retreat. Something that comes together to conspire and melt away our dull, monotonous lives.
In Florida’s semi-tropical wilderness, you can find alligators lurking the waterways, herons gliding across the ponds and sea turtles nesting on the beaches. From eagles, dolphins, manatees to coral-reef and mangrove forests, the majority of Florida remains untouched despite the best efforts by modern-day humans.
The fun comes in all shapes and sizes
For the people who are in for a bit more fun, they can find themselves losing to the captivating realms of the Disney World and many theme parks. Dubbed as ‘The most magical place on earth’ the Magic Kingdom in Florida is one of the must-see places on the east coast. In Disney World, storybook fantasy is brought to life and relived every day. From the moment you step inside, you are magically teleported to a place where the outside world seems to fade away. The presence of the Disney World has made this state a popular vacation spot and welcomes more than 50 million tourists every year.
You can touch and interact with the future at the Epcot Center and traverse the world with a wide range of attractions and live performances. Epcot Center is spread over an area of 260 acres and is devoted to the glories of the past and the promising potentials of the future, wrapped around in a technological context. If science is not your scene, you could visit the world’s largest marine park – the Sea World. Here, you MUST experience the one-of-a-kind water coaster ride through the lost city of Atlantis. For the ones with less adrenaline coursing through their veins can get face-to-face with some of the amazing oceanic creatures this park has to offer.
The East Coast USA Itinerary
Here’s a sample 5D/4N itinerary for a vacation along the east coast.
Day 1: Arrival in New York
Upon arrival, you’ll be transferred to a hotel.
Spend the day acclimatising and exploring the city on your own.
Day 2: New York City Tour (Tour Duration: 7-8 hrs)
Early morning breakfast followed by the city tour
Visit Wall Street, Empire State Building followed by a cruise to the Liberty Island.
Visit Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, Ground Zero and Central Park.
Stay the night in NY
Visit the US Capitol, the White House and Lincoln Memorial.
Visit the National Air and Space Museum, or the National Museum of Natural History.
Spend the night in the DC area.
Day 3: New York – Washington (Tour Duration: 5-6 hrs)
Proceed to Washington by train/flight. (Average travel time 2.5hrs)
Check into the hotel.
Visit the US Capitol, the White House and Lincoln Memorial.
Visit the National Air and Space Museum, or the National Museum of Natural History.
Spend the night in the DC area.
Day 4: Washington – Buffalo - USA Side Niagara Falls (Tour Duration: 8-10 hrs)
After breakfast Travel to Buffalo by flight
Reach Niagara Falls
Ride the famous Maid of the Mist cruise.
Take a Jet Boat ride on the Niagara River, if time permits.
Return to the hotel for the night.
Day 5: Goodbye
Check out of the hotel after breakfast
Return to the drop-off point in Washington for the flight back home.
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From the colonial history of Boston and Philadelphia to Washington DC’s assortment of power centres and embassies from all corners of the globe along with the sprawling beaches and picturesque charm of the Appalachians, you’ll never run out of options when it comes to see and do things in the eastern end of the USA. Our customisable east coast tour itinerary will ensure that you get to experience the best of America, as per your convenience. It’ll be an experience that will ultimately make you realise that one visit to this spectacular country is not enough.
Packing all the best bits into one amazing holiday, our east coast USA tour packages ensure that you can have an experience of a lifetime without spending too much of your time, or money, with lesser important bits. Be sure to have your camera on standby as you drift along one of the most beautiful places in the world.
iTraveller’s personalised east coast USA tour packages can overwhelm you with its sheer breadth of choices that this region has to offer. Be ready to be marvelled with the vast range of attractions throughout the entire length of the eastern seaboard. You are sure to come back home with plenty of stories, experiences and photos to share


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