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European Delights

7 Nights   3 Hotel

European Delights

Paris - 3N, Zurich - 2N, Lucerne - 2N

European Highlights

6 Nights   3 Hotel

European Highlights

Paris - 2N, Interlaken - 2N, Zurich - 2N

Scintillating Europe

12 Nights   3 Hotel

Scintillating Europe

Paris - 2N, Interlaken - 2N, Lucerne - 2N, Zurich - 1N, Milan - 1N, Florence - 2N, Venice - 2N

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So, if you are planning for your honeymoon vacation then make sure that you check out a few France honeymoon packages before choosing one for yourself. And do make sure that Paris is in this package because it is definitely one of the best honeymoon destinations in France.
Best Time to Visit France
France is a year-round destination as you will find warmth in some part of the country throughout the year.
However, Spring is the best time to visit as most of the activities and places are open at this time and the weather is warm and pleasant. Another good season to visit France is the fall season when the prices drop down and you can see the fall colors enveloping the entire country.
If you don’t like crowds then avoid visiting this country during the Summer season, especially July and August as most of the vacationers flock to the French beaches at this time.
Places to Include in your Honeymoon Tour
If you have a short time on your hands like 3-4 days then Paris is one of the best honeymoon destinations to consider. There is a lot to see in Paris so you won’t get bored and can enjoy a romantic honeymoon trip with your significant other.
Here are a few things that are likely to be included in your France honeymoon package:
Explore the City of Paris
Take a stroll through the city or bicycle your way around to learn more about the streets and major points of interest. You can also spend time in some cafés or shop for a while. Make sure that you picnic in front of the magical Eiffel Tower and spend a romantic evening here.
Take a River Seine Cruise
Then, take a romantic River Seine Cruise, from which you will see all the highlights of Paris. You will also see the entire city getting illuminated at night which will certainly show why Paris is one of the popular honeymoon destinations and is known as the City of Lights.
Have a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants facing the lit up Eiffel Tower and enjoy a pleasant meal.
Spend a Day at the Disneyland
Visit the famous Disneyland and spend a day having fun on the thrilling rides and among your favorite characters. You might think that why would someone spend their time in Disneyland on their honeymoon, but it is one of the best ways to have fun and know your partner a little more intimately.
Enjoy the masterpieces at the Louvre Museum
After having fun, take a tour of the famous Louvre Museum and watch the famed Mona Lisa hanging off from the wall. You will also come across several other magnificent works of art, some of which are dated back to prehistoric times too.


Places in France

Paris Nice Lille Chamonix

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