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Munnar Weekend Tour Package

2 Nights   3 Hotel

Munnar Weekend Tour Package

Munnar - 2N

Kerala tour package - 3 Nights

3 Nights   3 Hotel

Kerala tour package - 3 Nights

Cochin - 2N, Alleppey - 1N

Budget Kerala Tour Package

5 Nights   3 Hotel

Budget Kerala Tour Package

Munnar - 2N, Thekkady - 1N, Kumarakom - 1N, Cochin - 1N

Munnar, Alleppey, Cochin - 4 Nights

4 Nights   3 Hotel

Munnar, Alleppey, Cochin - 4 Nights

Munnar - 2N, Alleppey - 1N, Cochin - 1N

Munnar Alleppey Honeymoon Package

3 Nights   3 Hotel

Munnar Alleppey Honeymoon Package

Munnar - 2N, Alleppey - 1N

Economic Kerala Holiday Package

4 Nights   4 Hotel

Economic Kerala Holiday Package

Munnar - 2N, Thekkady - 1N, Alleppey - 1N

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Know before you plan your Kerala group tour

A Kerala group holiday is a beautiful idea for a perfect vacation with your friends and family. With its gorgeous destinations including beaches, mountain ranges and a wide range of flora and fauna, it proves to be an absolute paradise. For any group of people who have the desire to visit all these destinations, a Kerala group tour package is the most appropriate option to choose.  
Must visit places on a group tour
  • Eravikulam National park
Home to various vulnerable and endangered species, this national park proves to be a favourite tourist spot and has something for everyone. It allows you to have one-on-one time with nature, with its picturesque landscapes and hills, a group of people will indeed have a lot of fun.
  • Munnar and Attukal waterfalls
Home to various vulnerable and endangered species, this national park proves to be a favourite tourist spot and has something for everyone. It allows you to have one-on-one time with nature, with its picturesque landscapes and hills, a group of people will indeed have a lot of fun.
 Also known as the “Kashmir of South India”, Munnar is a popular tourist destination with massive tea gardens, wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful waterfalls. On the other hand, one will be mesmerised by the fragrance of fresh tea leaves in the air and on the other hand the roaring waterfalls of Attukal will surely leave a mark in one's mind. A group can take up trekking and hiking and can enjoy the beautiful landscapes while on their way to the top.
  • Santa Cruz Basilica
It is considered to be one of the best spots to visit when one is in Kerala. It not only gives a glimpse of the history of the Portuguese, but also allows one to feel peaceful. One can also appreciate the Dutch architecture in this church. Groups can spend a few hours in this beautiful building to feel serene and calm.
  • Kumarakom
It is known for its beautiful backwaters and religious places and proves to be a famous tourist destination because of these places. Kerala group tour packages in houseboats are also famous, and these involve traditional boats which are modified to luxurious and comfortable houseboats. A group of friends and family can go for a Kerala group tour packages in houseboats and hire these boats to enjoy the view of Vembanad lake.
  • Athirappilly
Known for its famous waterfalls, Athirappilly is the best tourist destination anyone who is a nature lover. This place is included in almost every Kerala group tour package. It also has tree houses all around the waterfalls which a group can enjoy by hiring for a few hours to appreciate the scenic beauty of the place. Athirappilly also has an exciting element of jungle safari which the group can take and every person can enjoy a little personal time with animals and nature.
  • Marari beach
It is a beautiful beach famous for its cleanliness and coconut groves surrounding the entire beach. It also has resorts with a serene view of the beach. Groups can visit these resorts and have fun with one another amidst the lovely beach and calming waters.
Things and activities groups should do in Kerala

In a place like Kerala, there are a number of things groups can do to enjoy their time in God’s own country which has beautiful hills and picturesque lakes and beaches. The best group tour packages in Kerala will surely include the following activities.
Have fun in a tree house surrounding the waterfalls in Athirappilly. Groups can go on a jungle safari in various wildlife sanctuaries situated in different parts of Kerala. Groups can also enjoy the opportunity to bathe baby elephants and feed them at the Kodanad elephant sanctuary which is 42 kilometres away from Cochin. It will be a delight for each and everyone to watch baby elephants bathe and splash water all around. Groups can also hire houseboats in Alleppey and can stay for a night to absorb in the beauty of Kerala at night.
Quick tips for travellers on Kerala group tours

While you are on your Kerala group vacation with your friends, family or colleagues, you not only want to have fun but also want to remain safe.

1. Choose an appropriate time to go so that you can enjoy the best of Kerala and carry your clothes accordingly. The best time to go to Kerala is between March and September.

2. While trekking on hills and walking near the waterfalls, take care of yourself and all the members of the group.

3. Check the weather of the places you are visiting before leaving.

4. As it is mostly raining in Kerala, carry raincoats and umbrellas accordingly.

5. Carry light and breezy clothes as there is a lot of humidity in Kerala.

6. Refrain from smoking when in Kerala as it is a punishable offence.
An Ideal Itinerary for group tours

When you go to Kerala, you should make sure that you see the most of it by making a suitable itinerary and most Kerala group tour packages offer it. An ideal itinerary for a group tour in Kerala can look something like this 

Day 1: After landing in Cochin on the first day, travel and see the nearby markets and tourist destinations.

Day 2: Drive to Kumarakom on the second day which is an hour and a half away from Cochin.

Day 3: Visit Marari beach which is approximately 4 hours away from Kumarakom and enjoy the various activities there. They will also stay in the resort and enjoy the serene Marari beach.

Day 4: Next destination will be Athirappilly, the group can have fun in the treehouses and can appreciate the beauty of the waterfalls.

Day 5: Next the group will visit the Santa Cruz Basilica and will enjoy the spiritual and ancient beauty of the church. They will also go on a drive around the church and will see the locality around the church.

Day 6: On the very last day, the group will visit Munnar to enjoy the scenic beauty here and also the Attukal Waterfalls.
Why lastminute to book your Kerala group tour?

If you want your group tour to be perfect and just as you imagined it to be, then try out . We keep in mind your requirements and create one of the best group tour packages in Kerala by altering it according to your budget and length of the trip. So, should be your preference for a perfect group tour with your family, friends or colleagues.

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