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Munnar Weekend Tour Package

2 Nights   3 Hotel

Munnar Weekend Tour Package

Munnar - 2N

Kerala tour package - 3 Nights

3 Nights   3 Hotel

Kerala tour package - 3 Nights

Cochin - 2N, Alleppey - 1N

Budget Kerala Tour Package

5 Nights   3 Hotel

Budget Kerala Tour Package

Munnar - 2N, Thekkady - 1N, Kumarakom - 1N, Cochin - 1N

Munnar, Alleppey, Cochin - 4 Nights

4 Nights   3 Hotel

Munnar, Alleppey, Cochin - 4 Nights

Munnar - 2N, Alleppey - 1N, Cochin - 1N

Munnar Alleppey Honeymoon Package

3 Nights   3 Hotel

Munnar Alleppey Honeymoon Package

Munnar - 2N, Alleppey - 1N

Economic Kerala Holiday Package

4 Nights   4 Hotel

Economic Kerala Holiday Package

Munnar - 2N, Thekkady - 1N, Alleppey - 1N

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The best way to do that is by taking a Kerala Tour Package for 5 days to explore this beautiful heaven without worrying too much about the logistics. There is a reason why Kerala is famous all over the world and is also one of the top honeymoon destinations for most Indians. This is why you will easily find Kerala tour packages for a couple as well which will include romantic backwater rides, hill station explorations, and so much more.
So, if you are planning a trip to Kerala anytime soon, then make sure you choose the right time for your visit. Also, don’t forget to include a few of these top places to visit in Kerala in your itinerary.

Best time to visit Kerala

A year-round destination, Kerala can be planned anytime as the climate remains mostly constant throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Kerala depends majorly on the activities that you are planning to do and the places that you are likely to visit. So, there are three distinct seasons for visiting Kerala.
Apart from the season, you also have to take into account the purpose of your visit or if you are planning to attend any festival. If you are looking for good Kerala tour packages for a couple and are planning a romantic getaway then plan for Kerala in February during Valentine’s day. After all, what could be more romantic than spending a night at the backwater while spending some quality time with your significant other? But if you want to attend the Cochin carnival, then plan a trip to Kerala in January and choose a good Kerala tour package for 5 days to include the main attractions.
Mainly, the best time to visit depends on your tour package so choose carefully the right time to experience this beautiful state.

Itinerary for 5-Days Kerala vacation

Are you wondering what all you can do in 5 days in Kerala? Well, here is a suggested itinerary for you to cover the best places in Kerala on your Kerala Tour Package for 5 days.


Day 1: Cochin to Munnar

Munnar: For honeymoon vacations or romantic getaways, Munnar is the perfect destination and is popularly known for its tea plantations. With cozy homestays and lavish bungalows, Munnar is the best hill station for romantic couples who are looking to disconnect with the world for a while and just enjoy each other’s company.
Start your Kerala trip by taking a flight to Cochin and then heading to one of the most popular hill stations in Kerala. It will take around 5-6 hours to drive from Cochin to Munnar and on the way, you can see stop at the Kodanadu elephant care centre, spice plantations, Valara waterfalls, and so on. If you decide to stop on these waterfalls and plantations on the way then you would reach Munnar in the afternoon where you can relax in your hotel for a while.
In the evening, you can explore the local Munnar market and watch a beautiful sunset while strolling through the tea plantations with your partner. This is one of the highlights of Kerala tour packages for a couple so make sure you don’t miss out on an evening tea plantation walk, while being surrounded amidst the mountains. At night, there is nothing much to do in Munnar so you can enjoy a nice Kerala meal and retire to start early the next day.

Day 2: Munnar

Next day, you start early at 6 a.m. to visit the famous Eravikulam National Park which is included in your Kerala tour package for 5 days. This is one of the top places to visit in Kerala as you can see some exotic flora and fauna here. Also known as Rajmalai, this is where you can watch the endangered Nilgiri Thars (mountain goats) go about their way in the natural environment. You can spend around 3-4 hours here, just walking around and talking in the view while spotting a few animals here or there.
From here, you can head to the famous Echo point where you can test the theory by giving a shout to hear your voice echo. Then, you can make your way to the popular tourist spot, Mattupetty dam where you can spend some time exploring the nearby forest area and the spice plantations. You can also explore the Kundala dam where you can take a speedboat ride here for an exciting adventure.
You can also take a tour of the famous Mattupetty tea factory where you will learn all about the process of tea making and the ingredients and equipment used for the same. Here, you can also learn how the tea leaves are inspected and plucked to ensure that the processed tea is delicious in taste. And if you like, then you can buy tea packets from here for your friends and family too. After a day of fun, you can retire and relax for the night or you can take a leisurely stroll around your hotel to enjoy the fresh evening mountain air. Pack your bags as you would be heading to Thekkady early next day.

Day 3: Thekkady

Thekkady: With thick vegetation and lush forest landscape, Thekkady is a paradise for wildlife lovers. Here, you can spot some amazing and exotic animals including the Great Indian tigers, lion-tailed macaques, sambars, bison, and so on. This is why Thekkady is the most favoured place in Kerala for wildlife enthusiasts and should definitely be a part of your Kerala tour package.
After you have explored the major attractions in Munnar, you can head towards Thekkady which is approximately a 4-hour ride from Munnar. Leave in the morning around 7 - 8 a.m. so that you reach Thekkady by 12 p.m. to explore the forest enclosure here. On the way, you will have several sightseeing sights to explore like the Lockhart tea factory, Lockhart gap, Anayirangal lake, and so on.
Once you reach Thekkady, make sure you spend most of your time in the Periyar National Park which is one of the top places to visit in Kerala. You can also take a boat ride to the Periyar dam which is a 2-hour ride and will include the sighting of several animals which are grazing riverside and drinking water, emerging from the deep forest. You also have the option of going for bamboo rafting, nature walks, tiger trail, etc. which are usually organized by the forest department here.
If you have time then you can also go for a relaxed Ayurvedic massage here, or watch the Kerala martial arts or Kathakali to immerse yourself in the local culture. For wildlife enthusiast the best time to plan your trip to Kerala is in January or February as the weather will be pleasant, allowing you to stay outdoors longer to spot the animals.

Day 4: Alleppey

Alleppey: Alleppey is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in Kerala and is the major reason for so many tourists exploring Kerala. The backwater trips, shikhara rides, houseboat stays, etc. make it one of the most popular Kerala destinations. And since the climate tends to be cool and comfortable in winter time, you will find a lot of couples visiting Kerala in February to enjoy a nice and romantic Shikhara ride or Houseboat stay with their partners.
After having breakfast in Thekkady, leave for Alleppey in the morning which is again a 5-hour ride. Alleppey, known as the Venice of East, is one of the most beautiful places to include in your Kerala tour package for 5 days. After reaching Alleppey, you can enjoy a nice lunch on the houseboat while enjoy being surrounded by the expansive backwaters. Alleppey is famous for its intricate waterways and labyrinth of water canals so you can also take a shikhara ride to explore places which are difficult to access via the houseboat. Take in the view of the surrounding coconut palm trees and paddy fields while being surrounded by water completely. It is one of the most beautiful sights ever and is definitely going to make you fall in love with Alleppey.
Then, you can get back on your houseboat to enjoy a nice sunset cruise and then enjoy a relaxed village walk or pedal boating here. In the evening, the houseboat docks at the other side of the Alleppey so that you can get down and explore your surrounding and then enjoy a delicious meal on the houseboat which is freshly cooked for you. Spend the night on the houseboat and watch the moon and its reflection on the water while enjoying a romantic moment with your partner.

Day 5: Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi: Popularly known as the “Gateway to Kerala”, Fort Kochi is one of the most charming places to visit in Kerala. This place is particularly famous for its historical sites and the Dutch, British, and Portuguese architecture which is interspersed through the city. Also, since this is a small area, the best way to explore Fort Kochi is on a bicycle or on foot.
Once you have had breakfast in Alleppey, leave for Ernakulam which is just 1.5-hours away from Alleppey so you will easily reach here by 10 a.m. You can start exploring this place by visiting the St. Francis Church which is one of the most iconic points in Fort Kochi as this is where Vasco Da Gama was buried. It is situated on the Princess Streets which is one of the oldest streets here and is a great place for evening walks.
Next, you can make your way to Mattancherry which consists of several historical buildings and is also the home of the Jew town in Fort Kochi. One of the top attractions here is the Mattancherry Dutch Palace which was presented to the Cochin king by the Portuguese in 1555. There is another popular attraction, the Jewish Synagogue which is just next to the Dutch Palace and gives a little insight about Jewish history. This part of the town is called the Jew town which is famous for its street market. So, you can explore this market and shop for spices, antiques, here.
After exploring the streets of Kochi, you can take a walk by the Fort Kochi beach and admire the fascinating Chinese Fishing nets that are found there. Then, you can drive to the airport and stop on the way at the famous Marine drive of Ernakulam. Near the marine drive, also taste the famous kulukki sharbat which is quite famous in Kerala.
Then, you can head to the Cochin airport to catch your flight back to your city while remembering the moments from your satisfying Kerala vacation.

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