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Budget Kerala Tour Package

5 Nights   3 Hotel

Budget Kerala Tour Package

Munnar - 2N, Thekkady - 1N, Kumarakom - 1N, Cochin - 1N

Economic Kerala Holiday Package

4 Nights   3 Hotel

Economic Kerala Holiday Package

Munnar - 2N, Thekkady - 1N, Alleppey - 1N

Munnar Alleppey Honeymoon Package

3 Nights   3 Hotel

Munnar Alleppey Honeymoon Package

Munnar - 2N, Alleppey - 1N

Munnar Weekend Tour Package

2 Nights   3 Hotel

Munnar Weekend Tour Package

Munnar - 2N

Munnar, Alleppey, Cochin - 4 Nights

4 Nights   3 Hotel

Munnar, Alleppey, Cochin - 4 Nights

Munnar - 2N, Alleppey - 1N, Cochin - 1N

Kerala tour package - 3 Nights

3 Nights   3 Hotel

Kerala tour package - 3 Nights

Cochin - 2N, Alleppey - 1N

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Know before you plan your Family Tour

Munnar family tour package for a family vacation is an appropriate idea. It has four sections - Mattupatty, Thekkady, Adimaly and Coimbatore. In these four sections, which make the Munnar town, there is something in store for everyone. The rich flora and fauna will not only attract kids but adults as well. Jungle safari, which is a lot of fun, will not only allow you to have an insight into the lives of various animals but will also bring you one step closer to nature. Various temples situated all around the Munnar region will give you a sense of tranquillity.

As it is a hill station, hills and picturesque landscapes are a major tourist attraction. A Munnar family vacation is a beautiful idea for a family outing. 

Must visit places on your Munnar trip in an amazing place like Munnar
 There are a lot of places which a family should visit when going on a Munnar family trip:

This national park is home to over 25 endangered and vulnerable species and is famous for its breathtaking landscapes. Not only animals, but various species of plants are also found in this beautiful place. This place is included in all the best Munnar family tour packages. The family can also go on a jungle safari, and it can be a treat for everyone.
If you want to absorb the beauty of nature, Attukal waterfalls are the right place to go. It is a treat to the eyes, and the family can do a lot of activities. A family can trek along the waterfalls and can come one step closer to mother earth. Also, treehouses around the waterfalls can be hired by the family for a few hours, and they can enjoy their little abode for a while.
As the name suggests, this place is famous for the natural phenomenon of echoing. It also has beautiful landscapes and your family members can indulge in a peaceful walk around this place and can experience calmness and tranquillity. It also has various lakes which surround the mountain ranges.
If members of a family want to play with cute baby elephants, this place is the right spot for them. Family members also get a chance to bathe the elephants and enjoy with them. Kids of the family can also ride on top of the elephants and have a lot of fun.
If the members of the family are tea fanatics, this place is appropriate for them. While the family indulges in the fragrance of mesmerising tea, they can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes and serene environment.
Things and activities families should do in Munnar

When a family visits a gorgeous place like Munnar, you want to have as much fun as possible with your family members, and you want to do the best activities. These activities will be included in all the family tour packages for Munnar. Staying in a tree house is mandatory. It not only lets one enjoy picturesque landscapes which surround this region, but it will also bring you one step closer to
Camping and trekking at the echo point can also be a lot of fun. This activity is fantastic for the members of the family who wish to have an adventure and want to have a rendezvous with nature. For those members who are adventure freaks and love athletics, mountain biking at Suryanelli can be a lot of fun and bikes can be rented for a few hours. Members can take over the roads and curves and can they have time of their life.
When you are going on vacation with your family, you want to relax and feel peaceful. For this, members can indulge in Ayurveda treatment and spas. It not only rejuvenates one's body but it is also good for your health, both mentally and physically. Every person in the family should go through this when going on a Munnar family vacation.
Quick tips for a Munnar Family Tour

You want to feel safe, be safe and return safely when going on a vacation with your family. So everyone should take care of the following points when going on a Munnar family tour:

1. Weather should be checked before leaving so that the activities can be planned accordingly.

2. Clothes should also be packed according to weather conditions.

3. When going on a higher sea level, take care of children, and everyone should remain closed when trekking or camping.

4. Light and breezy clothes should be carried as Munnar is hot and humid.

5. Items like raincoats and umbrellas are really important in the rainy environment of Munnar.

An ideal itinerary for a Munnar Family Tour

A family vacation should involve only fun and laughter. For that, preparing an ideal itinerary is necessary and can help in experiencing the best of Munnar.

Day 1: Arrival at Kochi international airport followed by a drive to Munnar. On the first day, one will explore the markets and tourist spots nearby.

Day 2: The family will then go to the temples nearby and will go to the echo point and camp for one day.

Day 3: They will then go to the Attukal waterfalls and will trek around the waterfalls and will hire the tree house for a few hours.

Day 4: Drive to Eravikulam National Park. The family will take a jungle safari and travel around the park and will get to know about some exotic and endangered species of plants and animals.

Day 5: Drive toKolukkumalai tea estate and then go to the elephant junction in Thekkady to have some fun with cute baby elephants. Then drive back to the Kochi airport for the departure.
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If you want your family tour to be perfect and just as you imagined it to be,
Lastminute is the perfect place to visit. It keeps in mind your requirements and can create one of the best Munnar family tour packages by altering it according to your budget and length of the trip. So, Lastminute should be your preference for a perfect family tour.

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