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Spain, Portugal & Monaco Combo

8 Nights   5 Hotel

Spain, Portugal & Monaco Combo

Madrid - 1N, Barcelona - 2N, Lisbon - 2N, Porto - 2N, Monte Carlo - 1N

Short & Sweet Portugal

5 Nights   4 Hotel

Short & Sweet Portugal

Lisbon - 2N, Porto - 3N

Best of Portugal

10 Nights   4 Hotel

Best of Portugal

Lisbon - 5N, Porto - 5N

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If you are visiting Portugal in January, then we bring you the list of places to explore with your family-
List of places to visit in Portugal
Verdant mountains, stretched green vineyards, rolling farmlands amidst medieval villages and beautiful beaches are the eye candies you will be surprised to find in this country. Here is the list of places you should include in your Portugal holiday package itinerary.
The capital city is situated amidst seven hills, perfect for a great stay. Excellent bridges, eclectic weather, gothic cathedrals and reverberating Fado music will knock your socks off. Visit St. George’s Castle and cobblestone streets surrounded by rustic architecture will take your breath away.
Mediterranean climate, remarkable beaches, idyllic towns, extraordinary cuisines, and historic sites at an affordable cost are what you will get here. A Portugal holiday package will definitely include Algarve to make it complete.
If you want to visit a historic site surrounded by medieval walls and adorned with castles then Obidos is the right place to be. The castle at the center of the city has huge gates and brilliant medieval towers. It is the architectural bliss fused with historical storytelling. The labyrinth of meandering narrow roads made of cobblestone adorned with local shops and cuisines will make you feel ecstatic.
Sintra is the place where you will find remarkably built old and new villas on the verdant hills. This city also offers palaces and castles dating back several centuries. Visit Pena’s Palace, a royal summer retreat surrounded by exotic flora. Visit Moors Castle ruins that surround the highest hill of the city.
This city is also known as the ‘Floating garden of the Atlantic’. This is the fertile oasis situated between North Africa and Portugal homing green stretched landscapes and exotic flower gardens. The specialty of this city is its wine. You will also find fortresses, historic churches, and tourist resorts here.
Plan your trip to Portugal
Plan your excellent trip to Portugal in January and enjoy the unbelievable magic of country in the ideal time. The serene landscapes and tranquil location are what will bring back the peace of your mind.


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