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Spain, Portugal & Monaco Combo

8 Nights   5 Hotel

Spain, Portugal & Monaco Combo

Madrid - 1N, Barcelona - 2N, Lisbon - 2N, Porto - 2N, Monte Carlo - 1N

Short & Sweet Portugal

5 Nights   4 Hotel

Short & Sweet Portugal

Lisbon - 2N, Porto - 3N

Best of Portugal

10 Nights   4 Hotel

Best of Portugal

Lisbon - 5N, Porto - 5N

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Reasons to visit Portugal during winter
Imagine sea-ridden rocks, huge cliffs with excellent water erosion marks, lush green cliffs at the sea edge and turquoise water with gentle waves! Summing up, you will find Lagos to be your destination. This is the right place to be in Portugal in December. The average temperature remains 10°C on an average. You will find secluded beaches with beautiful views o caves, coastlines and cliffs here.
The month of Christmas is magical in Lisbon. You will find that the capital city gears up with beautiful lights. The medieval buildings, sparkling lights, the freshly roasted chestnut scent and the hymns will give you the appropriate view of how Christmas is celebrated in the centuries-old European cities. During this time, the city will be semi-crowded by tourists which means the visit to the landmarks such as Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, etc will be peaceful.
Include this natural destination in your itinerary and opt for the Portugal tour package that takes you to this part of the country. Like Algarve, Alentejo is becoming the best place to enjoy rolling natural grasslands adorned by cork and oak trees. This city is also blessed by coasts. The remarkable grasslands will lead you to the turquoise blue beaches. You will find traditional seafood platters in the exotic cuisines near the beaches to enjoy.
Serra Da Estrela
If you are missing the snowy mountains, hills and valleys then Serra Da Estrela is the place to visit in Portugal in December. This place is a ski resort. It is a remote region where you will find thick snow during the month of December and January. The highest peak of this country is located here. It is recommended not to hike in the mountains as the ice and frost make the trails tricky. You will also find historic villages here to visit.
The winter is the right time to visit Porto as it will be free from crowd. This city is considered as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its culture and preserved medieval landmarks of utmost importance. The local cuisines and architectural treasure are bliss for history buffs.
December is sorted
Visit Portugal in December and January and include the names mentioned above to make the trip a memorable one. Enjoy the European bliss and plan to return again.


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