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When planning a holiday in Germany, visiting Berlin is a must. A living museum of Germany’s past, Berlin will show it’s past to you through the history etched in the remains of the Berlin wall and the memorial dedicated to the Jews, Berlin will also show you how it’s has now turned from a land with a bloody past to one of the most happening cities of the world. Berlin is not all about the heavyweight history, it has transformed into a place that is always alive with events taking place all around the city throughout the year.
Some top tourist attraction in Berlin includes the glass-domed, Neo-Renaissance Reichstag building, huge amusement park, Eurostat, the Fernsehturn from where you get the best views of the city and Konigssee Lake. Berlin is bustling with markets and food stalls that sell more than just amazing pretzels and sausages. You can explore the museums and art galleries during the day and enjoy some craft beer and join the parties in the clubs at night.
Best time to travel to Berlin is from May to October. September to October in Berlin sees popular festivals whereas the beach season in from July to August. To plan a holiday in Berlin and to get the most out of it, check out our platform that lets you create your itineraries and go on a value for money vacation.