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3 nights to Belgium

3 Nights   3 Hotel

3 nights to Belgium

Brussels - 1N, Bruges - 1N, Antwerp - 1N

5 nights to France

5 Nights   3 Hotel

5 nights to France

Paris - 3N, Bruges - 1N, Brussels - 1N

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The central Bruges is one of Europe’s best-preserved cities. The historic gates of Smedenpoort, Ezelpoort, Kruispoort, and Gentpoort still stands today along the modern-day ring road that tails its medieval ramparts. Due to the city’s size, almost all the best sights can be easily reached on foot.
On the culinary front, Bruges has developed a reputation for itself. The streets are loaded with chocolate shops, cafes and a constellation of hotels. Spend the night to experience a different Bruges under the beautiful nocturnal floodlights.

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