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6 nights to Italy

6 Nights   4 Hotel

6 nights to Italy

Catania - 6N

6 nights to Italy

6 Nights   4 Hotel

6 nights to Italy

Catania - 6N

10 nights to Germany

10 Nights   3 Hotel

10 nights to Germany

Heidelberg - 3N, Catania - 2N, Barcelona - 3N, Heidelberg - 2N

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 Ideal Italy Tour Package 4N/5D  View Price
 Exotic Trip Package 7N/8D View Price
 Classic Catania+Italy Tour   6N/7D View Price
 Idyllic Italy Honeymoon Package 12N/13D View Price


How to reach Catania?

Tourists usually prefer reaching Catania by ferry. But there are other ways to reach Catania too. 
The major airport of Catania is the Catania-Fontanarossa Airport. There are no direct flights to Catania from India. Either take a flight to Rome and get a transfer to Catania or take a flight to Naples and get a transfer to Catania. Why Air? Air transport is the quickest way to reach Catania. 
There are express trains as well as intercity trains from Rome to Catania. The journey takes around 8 hours. There are ferried trains too, i.e. trains that go on a ferry. This is a unique experience.  Why Train? Train journeys around Europe are very scenic. 
Some buses reach Catania from Rome. Tourists usually do not prefer travelling by bus on their Catalina Tour. Why Road? Using public road transport to travel is very economical and suitable if you are on a backpacking trip to Catalina. 

Best Time to Visit Catania

Summertime would be the best time to plan on a trip to Catalina. This includes the months of April to Jun, and even August has enormous crowds. October is not a good time to visit Catalina. The weather will be rainy, and most of the precipitation will be concentrated during this time. 
Month Type Price Range(Rs.)
Spring         Apr-Jun     Peak Season 50000-100000
Fall    Sep-Oct     Peak-Season        100000-150000
                 Winter     Nov-Dec    Off-Season       40000-80000

During the off-season, i.e. the winter season, the weather is too cold to enjoy your Catalina Tour. 

Catalina Sightseeing

Catania is known for its beautiful baroque architecture of the building. This is the major attraction for people who plan a Catalina Tour.

Must Visit Places in Catalina

This square has several buildings having baroque architecture. The Piazza Duomo takes pride in its ornate buildings. Famous structures here are the Elephant Fountain, Palazzo degli Elephanti (Town Hall) and another renowned fountain you shouldn’t miss on your holiday to Catalina is the Fontana dell’Amenano. 
The Roman Theatre which dates back to about 2nd century AD is made of lava stone, marble and brick and has an oval shape. This theatre has a diameter of 100 meters.
This is a short street where tourists come to admire the baroque buildings which are present on either side of this street. There are four churches and a Villa Cerami - which is the University of Law in Catalina. 
This is, by default one of the most famous beaches in Catalina. The unique characteristic of this beach is the presence of black pebbles and ash due to volcanic activity. This factor is what attracts tourists to this place during their Catalina Tour. 
This is one of the oldest and strongest castles in Catalina. This castle supposedly survived an earthquake during the 1600s and as merely escaped from the after-effects of a volcanic eruption. 
This is a must-visit tourist attraction on your trip to Catalina. This monument was erected in honour of King Ferdinand IV and his partner. This monument is made of limestone and lava rock. 

Things to do in Catalina

This is Catalinas busiest fish market, right behind the Piazza Duomo. Visiting this market during the morning will surely be a thrilling experience on your trip to Catalina. 
This is a beautiful restaurant in Catalina, where you can observe the mixture of ancient and modern styles. 
Razmataz is a beautiful restaurant where you must have a cocktail. The setup of the bar is amazing, and if you are here on a honeymoon trip, then you should have a romantic dinner at Razmataz. 
Zo provides contemporary shows and performance arts from various artists around the world. Events such as club nights, live performances and also concerts are held here. There is also a good bar, where you can enjoy a drink. 
This festival is held to appreciate the work of the beer crafters and also to celebrate Catalina’s very own craft beer - Beer Catalina. Along with this, there will also be food stalls, tasting, culinary workshops. 
Casa delle Farfalle Monteserra is a tropical conservatory where butterflies from all over the world. Walk among thousands of species of butterflies on your trip to Catalina. This is one of the unique experience you get to experience on your trip to Catalina. 

What to eat in Catalina?

These are fried waffle-shaped tubes that are filled with yummy ricotta cheese or chocolate. This is typical Catalina street food that you must try on your trip to Catalina.
Iris is a fried chocolate bomb filled with yummy custard, cottage cheese or you can choose what to be put in it.
Raviola is a mouth-watering fried bundle - which is so yummy that it just melts in your mouth. It is baked - so that even health-conscious people can try. It is stuffed with sweet ricotta cheese and sprinkled with powdered sugar. 

Festivals/Events in Catalina

This festival is the longest running festival in Catalina, which has been going on since half a century. Catalina’s charming views and seascapes has been an inspiration to artists all over the world. This festival celebrates this relationship between nature and the artist. 
Avalon hosts a world-class film festival in Catalina. There has been a long relationship between Hollywood and Catalina. This festival is generally held during late September and early October. 
Jazztrack is a famous jazz festival that is held in Catalina in the month of October. This world-famous festival includes artists from all over the world such as Mark Antoine and Incognito.