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The city is not only known for its beauty, but it is also famous for its watchmakers and Swiss chocolates. Who in the world would not want to visit this Choco paradise on earth?
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Best time to visit Geneva

Best time to visit Geneva would be from June to August. Climate would be ideal during these months as summer usually brings in a lot of crowds though there might be few spells of showers.
                Season                  Month Type Price Range(Rs.)
Summer        Apr-Jun      Peak -Season  40000-100000
Monsoon  Jul - Oct    Peak-Season        45000-120000
                 Winter Dec-Mar    Off-Season       35000-80000
May to June would be the ideal time to experience spring in Geneva as Geneva’s springtime weather is usually cold, with a few sultry winds. If you prefer to experience winter in Geneva, September to November would e ideal time for it. The best selling Geneva Tours packages with prices would also be suitable during this time.  The temperature goes below the freezing point. Skiing enthusiasts can freely engage in activities of adventure in Jungfraujoch region. Book your stay in Geneva well advance around three months before, as the price shoots up during the Christmas and the Easter holidays.

How to reach Geneva? 

Almost all the European flights and a few trans-Atlantic flights serve over the Geneva Airport. The most frequent flyer is Swiss International Airlines than any other and offers the best local connections like connecting cities like Geneva and Lugano, and, Zurich with Bern and also many other European cities.
Geneva’s main pitstop bus stop is close to the railway station and provides service to about 20 European cities. Geneva's Public Transport system offers regular service from man neighbourhood French towns like
Saint-Julien, Archamps, Thoiry and many other neighbouring towns.
There are many direct train services day to day from Geneva to Paris, with a travel duration of about three hours. Most of the Italian cities have direct connections from Geneva to Milan in under 4 hours and Venice which is 7 hours travel. There are also some night train services to Florence and Rome Termini Station.
 Multiple daily arriving cruises reach the Swiss lake throughout the year. The ships arrive at the Paquis port after a brief dock at Parc des EauxVives and the Jardin Anglais. A Eurail pass could be used for this cruise trip. 

Geneva Sightseeing

No one can stop falling in love with this place. And this beholds you to choose Geneva as your next tourist location. Such a Serene beauty it is. The lake finally connects to the Rhone river. A lake beneath and a snow mountain behind, who wouldn’t want to go for boating in this lake.
It is the most popular and loved landmark in Geneva, the great fountain Jet d’ Eau located in Lake Geneva. The water fountain operates each day of the year from 10:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening every day and with lightings during the night.
The location is popular amongst the hikers and mountaineers. Geneva comes in your travel wish list because of this location if you are a hiker. Enjoy hike trails along the mountain range with various types of routes and paths. A considerable crowd gather here during the peak of Summer Cable cars are also available to help you reach the mountain top if you do not prefer hiking. It hardly takes 3 minutes to reach up.
About 6,500 flowering plants are used to construct this outdoor flower clock in the west side of Jardin Anglais park. Different sets of flowering plants are used according to the season.
This cathedral is marked as one of the most notable works of architecture in Switzerland and it is situated in the Old Town, for which you need to climb up a few steps uphill. From above this magnificent building one may get the full view of downtown Geneva which is breathtakingly beautiful. It is the perfect treat for the eyes and the soul.
It is one of the great monument sculpture in the world due to its construction as it is made only with wood. The sculpture resembles a humongous chair with one leg broken. So it nearly stands with 3 and a half legs. Louis Geneve constructed it with tons of wood, giving it a height of 12 meters.

Things to do in Geneva



Cultural Calendar of Geneva

It is ideal to plan your vacation during main key festivals in Geneva, they are Lake Parade and Fêtes de Genève. Always do proper research over the choices you pick before you plan. Book your trip to Geneva and get the best offers you and your loved ones and make the best out of the holiday season.