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7 nights to Switzerland

7 Nights   3 Hotel

7 nights to Switzerland

Interlaken - 2N, Zermatt - 1N, Gstaad - 2N, Engelberg - 2N

2 nights to Switzerland

2 Nights   4 Hotel

2 nights to Switzerland

Interlaken - 1N, Gstaad - 1N

7 nights to Switzerland

7 Nights   3 Hotel

7 nights to Switzerland

Gstaad - 2N, Lucerne - 2N, Zurich - 3N

8 nights to France

8 Nights   3 Hotel

8 nights to France

Paris - 2N, Montreux - 1N, Gstaad - 1N, Lucerne - 2N, Zurich - 2N

29 nights to Switzerland

29 Nights   3 Hotel

29 nights to Switzerland

Zurich - 3N, Interlaken - 2N, Lucerne - 3N, Bern - 2N, Gstaad - 3N, Montreux - 3N, Geneva - 4N, Zermatt - 2N, St.Moritz - 3N, Zurich - 4N

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Know before you plan your Gstaad Tour

Best Selling Gstaad Trip Packages with Prices

Gstaad has everything to offer to not just the rich and the famous, but also to food lovers, adventurers, music enthusiasts among others. The ideal tour packages in Gstaad with Prices suiting your budget will have a mixture of your interests and everything you shouldn’t miss as a part of Gstaad tours.

How to reach Gstaad?

The nearest airport from Gstaad is in Geneva. It is about 148 kilometres away and takes about 2 hours to reach. You can hire a cab or take the shuttle service to check-in at your hotel or touch the city centre respectively.
Gstaad is 3 hours away from Geneva by train. To reach it, you must board the train to Montreux and then change trains for Gstaad. An alternative route will be from Zurich, where you can take an international train connection to Spiez and switch trains for Zweisimmen. Once you reach the latter, you must board the train for Gstaad.
Driving from Geneva to Gstaad by car will take you about 2 hours. However, there is an option to board the ski bus that runs to Gstaad via Lausanne and Montreux.

Best time to visit Gstaad

The busiest month for tourism in Gstaad is June, which is followed by August and April. The prices for hotels and flights are extremely expensive during these months, so it’s advisable to book well in advance. Gstaad has the least number of tourists in October.
                Season                  Month Type Price Range(Rs.)
Spring/Summer        Apr-Aug         Off-Season        50000-100000
Fall  Sept-Nov     Peak-Season        60000-150000
                 Winter  Dec-Mar     Off-Season       40000-200000

Gstaad Sightseeing

Want to make the fullest of your Gstaad tour holidays? This section will tell you exactly how you can do that.


Must-Visit Places in Gstaad

This is your gateway for all the cultural and recreational activities that are available in Gstaad. In the heart of this village, you will find five blocks of encaptivating chalets comprising of hotels, fashion houses, boutiques, sports shops, award-winning restaurants and jewellery stores. No shopaholic must miss this place as a part of their tour packages for Gstaad.
Known for its splendid ski slopes, it is a paradise for families and children. It is popular for its scintillating hike followed by an enthralling toboggan decline to Gsteig.
This lake is the epitome of a perfect mountain paradise. It is a popular part of Gstaad tour packages as one can feel a kind of transition to another time and age, where tranquillity is the ultimate divine.
This destination is popular in both summer and winter. As a part of the tour packages for Gstaad, one can indulge in its architecture, cableway, adventure activities, and the scenic beauty of the Alpine mountain and its glacier.
This place starts at Eggli Mountain, which is suitable for families and thrill-seekers. It is a popular destination of Gstaad tour trip for its picturesque beauty, tobogganing and hiking.

Things to do in Gstaad

There is a wide range of activities that adventurers and families can indulge in. Also popular as a honeymoon destination, this place is divine for couples who want to have all the time away from the world.

Below are some of the activities that you must not miss to make the fullest of your Gstaad tour holiday packages.
Gstaad has about 8 runs to choose from to indulge in this activity as a family or even an individual. The 3 starting points that are highly recommended by the locals for this activity are Wispile, Relleri and Eggli.
Gstaad transforms into one of the world’s premier ski destinations during the winters. Bernese Oberland’s steepest slope, Tiger Run on Mount Wasserngrat is the most recommended place for this activity.
Born and bred for the runs through the dazzling snow-covered trails, the Greenland dogs and Siberian Huskies give one hell of an enthralling ride.
The best time to indulge in this activity is during the International Balloon Festival at the end of January. It’s a whole different experience to float above the Alpine peaks with a spectacular view.
This is not to be missed in the Gstaad Promenade as part of the best tour packages in Gstaad. There are boutiques, fashion hubs, jewellery stores and sports shops to buy from at this cultural hub of Gstaad.

Food to try here in Gstaad

Gstaad, known for its cheese production, produces Alpkäse, a blessing for all the cheese lovers. Also known as Alpine Cheese, it is full-fat, hard, unpasteurized cheese which later hardens into Hobelkäse.
Spotted Simmental cattle are bred to produce the air-dried meat, which is a result of raw meat preserved in a mixture of salt, herbs and spices. It is then hung out to dry with the laundry and may take about a year to dry out completely before it is devoured.
A must-try dish, Saanen Mustard is usually served as a side-on to ham and sausages. Traditionally made from mustard seed and grape must, it is one of the specialities and is made with a secretly-guarded recipe by every other local family.

Festivals celebrated in Gstaad.

Farmers of Gstaad celebrate a number of traditional Alpine festivities during the summer. In July and August, Suufsunntig or drinking Sunday is all about drinking Schluck. Cattle Auctions are another one of the festivals during August. Alpine Transhumance is a drive from the valley to the Alpine pastures, and back again that is decided by the farmers based on the weather conditions. The Gstaad Menuhin Festival and International Balloon Festival are the two popular festivals amongst the tourists of Gstaad.
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