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6 nights to Vietnam

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A stroll around the town will show you colourful French building, Japanese covered bridges to wooden Chinese shophouses. When in Hoi An you can see the intricately designed Japanese wooden bridge which was built in the 1700s. Hoi An ancient town is one thing that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Vietnam. Situated by a river, this town not only takes you a step closer to experiencing the Vietnamese culture, but it’s also breathtakingly beautiful. Like in many other southeastern cultures, Hoi An hosts its own colourful night market. Find everything to delicious food to souvenirs, but what will definitely catch your eyes are the Vietnamese lamps lighting up the night. Visit the Fukian Assembly Hall if you want to take a walk in tranquillity.
Another place where you can completely unwind and simply relax is Cua Dai beach. A popular beach in Hoi An, here you’ll see locals riding their bicycles and enjoying the pleasant weather. You can also go trekking or cycling through the lush countryside, where you’ll see rice paddies, pristine beaches, tiny villages and green hills. Those seeing for something more adventurous can rent a bike and head to DaNang. Hoi An is all about relishing Vietnamese culture as well as spending a quiet, relaxing holiday in a quaint town. Are you planning on visiting Vietnam? Take a look at our Vietnam holiday Packages without any further ado.