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Milan is well known as the ‘Fashion Capital’ of the world. It is also the economic capital of the world and regarded as the coolest among all Italian cities. Milan is a combination of modern and historical cultures. The huge skyscrapers and the gothic architecture of some of the building are proof of the same. If you are looking to shop from some beautiful attires on your Milan trip, then you are on the right path. 

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How to reach Milan? 

Milan houses two major airports - Milan Linate and the Milan Malpensa. These are well-equipped airports. Why Air? - The fastest way to reach Milan is by air. 
Milan is well connected to other major European cities via train. The rail network in Europe is well connected, and the E23 is one of the trains that connect to Milan. Why Train? - The fare from Milan to Milan is around 13 Euros, and it is an economical way to reach this lake.

Best Time to Visit Milan

The months of May, April, September, October and November are regarded as the best time to book a trip to Milan. Summers are hot in Milan, it also when the tourists from all over the world travel to Milan. Spring would an apt time to visit Milan before all the crowds pull in. 
Month Type Price Range(Rs.)
Spring         Apr-Jun     Peak Season 50000-100000
Fall    Sep-Oct     Peak-Season        100000-150000
                 Winter     Nov-Dec    Off-Season       40000-80000
Fall is also an excellent time to visit Milan. The weather is not that hot and suitable for people to plan their Milan Holiday.  Winters in Milan are cold and chilly. This would be a good time to plan a honeymoon trip to Milan, but make sure you have some warm clothes packed. 

Milan Sightseeing

Milan is gifted with an impressive art heritage. Be it the majestic Duomo, the churches, palaces or museums; countless work of art awaits you - all within a short walking distance. It’s also the city where Leonardo da Vinci achieved great things in life. From mountains to Mediterranean waters; A Milan Tour will proudly introduce you to a country where centuries of history have moulded a way of life that’s known for its attractions, cuisines and lifestyle.

Must-Visit Places in Milan

Piazza del Duomo is a famous location in Milan. It is mainly known for the Milan Cathedral which is the largest cathedral in Italy and also the fifth largest in the world. It is admired for the stained glass windows, 52 huge pillars. It displays a contrast between the interior and exterior. 
The visit to Santa Maria Delle Grazie will surely be an unforgettable experience. This 4.6-meter high painting made on a gypsum base is what makes it unforgettable. This is a must-visit place on your holiday to Milan if you are history and art buff. 
Quadrilatero D’Oro is the top fashion destination in Italy. Milan being the fashion capital, this street is where you can find the most exclusive brands and go shopping. The “Golden Quadrilateral” consists of many city blocks, most of which have a Neoclassical architecture. 
This location is well-known for La Scala - which is a premier opera house and a major tourist attraction. This is built in a Neoclassical style and a must-visit place on your trip to Milan. 
Milan’s canals date back to as far ago as the 12th century. The primary purpose of the canal was to support irrigation. While on your Milan Honeymoon Trip, an hour-long cruise on this canal would surely be a romantic experience. 
Leonardo da Vinci was offered a vineyard when he moved to Milan as one of the court writers. This is one of the top places to visit in Milan, and this place will surely take you back to a time when art and history were ruling Europe. 

Things/ Activities to do in Milan

Milan is synonymous with shopping and tourists on their Milan Vacation do not miss to shop at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This is Italy largest and oldest busy mall. 
La Scala is a famous opera house in Italy. This has a neoclassical architecture and going to a performance here would be an amazing experience on your Milan Tour Package. 
This museum is regarded as one of the most charming museums in Milan. It is an old palace with most of its original interiors intact.  
If you are a historian or an art buff, then Milan is a heaven for you. The church at Santa Maria Della Grazie which houses the ‘Last Supper’ is a must-do thing on your vacation to Italy. This whole site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also take one-day trips to Sorrento or Lake Como. 
What to eat in Milan?

Milan is a very prosperous town, and they like some good rustic and local cuisines. Some of the must-try dishes in Milan are.
Risotto is a traditional dish of Milan, and a must try dish. This is a staple food of Italy, and you can try it any restaurant on your trip to Milan. 
Milan is a meat lover’s paradise. Ossobucco translates to “bone with a hole”. Yet another must-try dish in Milan and you can find this dish at any traditional restaurants in Milan during your Milan Trip. 
The piadina, a thin, Italian flatbread, which is similar to a quesadilla.  It is a bit thicker than a flour tortilla and still light and crispy. This is a staple lunch eaten by all Italians. 
This is a yummy veal cutlet fried in butter and can be found all over the city. This is a famous Milanese dish and a must-try savoury on your trip to Italy. 

Festivals/Events in Milan

The festivals of Milan cannot be regarded as either religion or traditional. The city has an unusual mix of festivals and traditions.  Here are some of the events and festivals you can attend on your trip to Milan. 
The Italian Grand Prix is an annual racing event that pulls a massive amount of international and local crowds. It is kind of like a festival itself due to the huge amounts of people attending this event. This is usually at the beginning of September and must experience event if you’re into speed and racing.
This is a huge event celebrated in December. Locals gather at the Sant’Ambrogio Basilica for a celebration, and there will also be a fair where people come to enjoy and have some fun.
 The La Notte Bianca or white night is when everyone comes at night. This is like a huge party and the nights will be lit. The bars, restaurants and pubs will be open till 6 am.