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12 nights to Italy

12 Nights   3 Hotel

12 nights to Italy

Rome - 2N, Venice - 2N, Florence - 2N, Lake Como - 1N, Napoli - 1N, Sicily - 1N, Sorrento - 1N, Milan - 2N

6 nights to Italy

6 Nights   3 Hotel

6 nights to Italy

Rome - 4N, Sicily - 2N

1 nights to Italy

1 Nights   4 Hotel

1 nights to Italy

Sicily - 1N

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 Ideal Italy Tour Package 4N/5D  View Price
 Exotic Trip Package 7N/8D View Price
 Classic Sicily+Italy Tour   6N/7D View Price
 Idyllic Italy Honeymoon Package 12N/13D View Price

How to reach Sicily?

The Palermo Airport is the major airport of Sicily. Another airport close to Sicily is the Catania Fontanarossa Airport. There are no direct flights from India to Sicily. There are many indirect flights to Sicily. Lufthansa, Emirates are some of the major airlines reaching Sicily.  Why Air? - The fastest way to reach Sicily is by air even though there are no direct flights from Sicily. 
There are numerous express trains and intercity trains connect Sicily to  Rome. Palermo Centrale is the major train station of Sicily. Basic fare to travel from Rome to Sicily is around 7,000 INR.  Why Train? - Trains are less expensive, and the rail system in Europe is immaculate. 
Numerous buses reach Sicily from various part around Europe. Blue buses run between Rome and Sicily. Tickets can be purchased online or at the bus terminal. Why Road? The coaches are available throughout the day and also during the night. It is a cheap way to travel to Sicily. 

Best Time to Visit Sicily

The best time to plan a Sicily Tour would be during April and May - which is the spring season. The fall season - during September and October is also an excellent time to travel to Sicily. The weather during this time is cool and a good time for hiking and roaming around the city. 
Month Type Price Range(Rs.)
Spring         Apr-Jun     Peak Season 50000-100000
Fall    Sep-Oct     Peak-Season        100000-150000
                 Winter     Nov-Dec    Off-Season       40000-80000
The off-season is during the winters. The crowds are less and the hotels are cheaper during the winters. 

Sicily Sightseeing

Sicily is synonymous with the sun, the beaches and romance. But, there is so much more to Sicily than just these things. Thousands of tourists around the world plan a trip to Sicily during the summer as Sicily is a top summer destination. Sicily is a land beautiful panoramic views, the beaches and also a land of opportunities. Here are some of the must-visit places, some fantastic things you can do, mouthwatering dishes you can try and even some major event you can attend on your Sicily Tour Package. 

Must-Visit Places in Sicily

Etna is an active volcano in Sicily and a top tourist attraction on your trip to Sicily. The eruptions from this volcano are the reason behind some of the spectacular landscapes in Sicily. 
Caltagirone was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 2002. This place is a must-visit place on your Sicily Holiday. Caltagirone is known for two main things: Sicilian Pottery- which is an age-old tradition and still in practice. Secondly, it is known for Sicilian Pupperty - which is also an art form still in practice. 
The Piazza Armerina in indeed a famous place to visit on your trip to Sicily. This Piazza consists of 3,500 sq. mt of mosaics dating back to 320 A.D. This is a traditional Roman Villa and a major part of Italian Culture. 
Ortigia is a small island and has a reputation for being one of the most influential cities. The baroque streets and bright white buildings are why tourists flock here. This place has a lot of history to it which is apparent from the building and cathedrals. If you are a history buff, then this is a must-visit site on your Sicily tour package. 
Noto was recognized as a UNESCO heritage site in 2002. Noto is very famous for the type of food they make and also a feast for the eyes. Make sure you do not miss this place on your Sicily Holiday. 
The tiny little lakes of Cavagrande of Cassibile are one of the offbeat places of Sicily. Over the years the Cassibile river has carved a canyon through the limestone, which has resulted in a huge cave “cavagrande” in which you’ll be able to find the beautiful little freshwater lakes fed by the river. This place is very picturesque and a must-visit place on your trip to Sicily. 


Things/ Activities to do in Sicily

Sicily is a top summer destination. After travelling for a while, the best things to do is get a granita and relax at the beach, listening to the sound of the waves. 
Adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies can enjoy these water sports at places such as San Vito Lo Capo, Mondello and Taormina. Do not miss out on these activities on your Sicily Vacation. 
The Belpaese is regarded as one of the most sought-out destinations for thermal cures, a form of natural medicine present in Italy from as long ago as the Roman Ages. The thermal spas and wellness centres are a great way to end your trip to Sicily and getting back to your busy lifestyle. This is also one of the most romantic things to do on your honeymoon trip to Sicily. 
Sicily has a few natural parks, which has a few breathtaking trails. You can try out these trails on your trip to Sicily either on horseback or a mountain bike, or you can hike along the trails. 

What to eat in Sicily?

The flamboyant culture and nature of Sicily is reflected in their food as well. Sicilians are very particular about their food and also have a good knowledge of the various flavours. Some of the must-try dishes in Sicily are: 
This is a speciality dish of Sicily and a must-try appetiser on your Sicily vacation. This is a fried rice ball filled with mozzarella, meat and peas.
Pani ca meusa is a famous street food to try on your Sicilian Vacation. The name translates to “bread with a spleen”. It is a flavoured bread filled with spleen and lungs of veal. 
This delicacy is like a pizza but regarded as even better. The dough will be soft and chewy with veggies and cheese topping. Do not miss out on this during your trip to Sicily. 
Granita is a popular local drink that is a refreshing summer drink which gets its origins from Sicily. Try this drink to clench your thirst on your trip to Sicily. 

Festivals/Events in Sicily

Here are some of the major events that you can experience in Sicily. If you like any of these events, make sure you plan your Sicily Tour Package in correspondence with these events. 
The people of Catania celebrate Sant’Agata for two whole days during February. This includes parades along the streets, feasting and shouting. There is also an outdoor market available during this time - which is a must-visit on your trip to Sicily.
This is festival is to celebrate the blossom of the almond trees. During early February, people come to admire at the white blossoms, and there will also be an International Folklore Festival during this time. 
Other major Italian festivals are also celebrated in full swing in Sicily.