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11 nights to Switzerland

11 Nights   3 Hotel

11 nights to Switzerland

Lucerne - 2N, Interlaken - 2N, Zermatt - 1N, St.Moritz - 1N, Spiez - 1N, Zurich - 1N, Innsbruck - 1N, Vienna - 2N

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Know before you plan your Spiez Tour

The municipal town of Spiez is located on the shores of Lake Thun in the Swiss canton of Bern. The town is home to about 13000 residents who speak the official language, which is the Swiss version of standard German. However, the spoken dialect is a variant of Alemannic-Swiss German.

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How to reach Spiez?

You can reach Spiez using a variety of transport modes. The common mode is by air, and there are multiple airports nearby.
The best option for International tourist is to travel to Zurich and take the available transport of Train, Bus and Car to Spiez, which would require varied travel times. Best tour packages in Spiez with an international flavour commence from Zurich.

The best time to visit Spiez

Spiez boasts of a mild climate and an abundance of sunny days. This stretch of the Bernese Alps above the lake makes Spiez an ideal gateway to the many destinations spread in the Bernese Oberland and Valais. Thus in Winter Spiez is transformed into a popular destination amongst the winter sports enthusiasts as the resorts are located nearby.

Sightseeing in Spiez

The best in the tour packages for Spiez covers an exciting range of tourist activities to suit every preference. Seeped in history, cultural heritage and many new age attractions, Spiez never fails to surprise the discerning tourist with its many splendours.

The nearby areas to explore are:

 A visit to this iconic perennial snow-capped peak in the Swiss Alps sitting alongside the Monch and the Jungfrau is an excellent way to kick-start your dream vacation. Held in awe by the locals and the tourist alike; this trio of peaks have been nicknamed 'the Ogre', 'Monk' and 'Maiden'. The sheer north face of Eiger soars 1800 meters into the sky.
A train ride to the 3466 meters glacial top is immensely thrilling to the traveller. The highest rail station in the continent; described as the Top of Europe, passes through the glacial pass between the famed peaks of the mighty Jungfrau and the Monch.
An important landmark in Bern stands tall from the 1400s. It shows not only the time but also the stellar astronomical positions apart from that of the sun and the moon. Towering to a height of 54.4 meters, this structure has undergone many renovations during its existence of around 800 years. Tour packages for Spiez cover this historic structure, which you can travel by bus or trams.
The mere sight of this subterranean waterfall does not fail to fascinate and captivate nature lovers. The ten cascading frozen waterfalls are visible only when approached on an elevator cut into the mountain.

Things to do in Spiez

There is no shortage of activity to indulge in Spiez tour holidays/holiday packages. The attractions on offer are sure to please the visitors of varied tastes. Historical monuments and sites, cultural events, soaking in nature’s bounty or indulging in sports for the more athletic tourist, Spiez has it all. The highlight of Spiez tour vacation/trip aims to explore as much as possible, as many of the places and things to do are in the nearby areas.
Reputed to be the most beautiful bays in Europe, you can feast by soaking the abundant sun through the year in the all-pervading holiday atmosphere.
The crystal clear waters of Lake Thun offer an idyllic opportunity to explore. The ideal romantic sailing date in the comfort of motor vessel saloon is an experience in itself. The restored “Blumlisalp” is a magnificent paddlewheel steamship ferrying passengers to Interlaken being the crowning glory of travel on the Lake.
It stands as a testimony to its history of 1000 years, during which it has transformed from a castle into a church.
Spiez boasts a 1.4 km circular hiking trail on the shores of Faulensee, which is a lure for the outdoor types.
A visit to the museum opens up the local history of vinegary with a real-life exhibition by farming household.
The ski resorts thronging the nearby areas with their offers and facilities is a sure draw for the winter sports aficionados.
The panoramic view from the summit is ethereal. From the shores of Lake Thun, the summit soars in the form of a pyramid, enticing the tourist to do the climb, which in the end is worth the toil.
The little blue train running between the station and the pier is a great tourist attraction.

Food options in Spiez

The gastronomical delights in Spiez comprise of the fish dishes served in the lakeside restaurants to be washed down with generous portions of fine Spiez wine. There are a good number of eateries serving local delicacies, but one restaurant in nearby Interlaken named Taj Mahal serves Indian dishes.

The cultural calendar of Spiez

Spiez boasts of many cultural events of varied interest to the visitor. To name a few important ones:

Spiez is a small town with big attractions wooing the visitor to a pleasant experience. Spiez tour vacation/trip has many surprises up its sleeve, the least being the warmth of amiable hospitality in the cool climes of the Swiss Alps. By all means, it provides ample remembrances to cherish in leisure.