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Venice is a leading place for showcasing European art, history and architecture. It was also considered the first financial centre of the world during medieval times. Venice is now a top honeymoon destination, and your trip here will be unforgettable.
How to Reach Venice? 

Venice is well connected within Europe. The best way to reach Venice from other parts of the world is by flight. 

Venice Marco Polo (VCE) is the national and international airport of Venice. It is a fairly new airport which is a boat ride away.  Why Air? - Air transport is the fastest way to reach Venice from within Europe and from other parts of the world. 
The Venice Santa Lucia Train Station is the main train station the commuters use to arrive/depart in from Venice. This modern station is conveniently located and provides direct access to the Grand Canal. The station is a perfect entrance to this unique city of Venice. Why Train? - The rail network here in Venice connects all major cities and small town. 
You cannot drive in Venice—but you can drive to Venice, leave your car in a garage or lot, and proceed to enjoy the city of canals car-free. Rome is about 530 km and 5 hours 30 mins away from Venice by road and Florence is about 3 hours and about 250 km away by road. Why Road? - You can only use the roadways to reach Venice. The network of canals is used to travel within Venice on vaporettos. 
Best Time to Visit Venice
The best time to book a  Venice Tour Package is around September to November. During this time, the tourists are very few, and the hotel prices will be a bit cheaper. The weather during this time is a bit cold and best suited to plan a honeymoon vacation package to enjoy this beautiful place with some privacy and solitude. 
MonthTypePrice Range(Rs.)
Spring        Apr-Jun    Peak Season50000-100000
Fall   Sep-Oct    Peak-Season       100000-150000
                 Winter    Nov-Dec   Off-Season      40000-80000
Springs in Venice is the time when the city recovers from the cold weather. Many attractions would still be closed at this time.  Summers in Venice is very crowded. There will be tourists everywhere, and the gondolas will be crowded. The hotels also raise their prices during this time.
Venice Sightseeing

Apart from so much beauty, Venice also has UNESCO World Heritage sites and some of Italy’s best tourist attractions. Often regarded as one of the most romantic city, Venice is a must visit if you are planning a honeymoon trip.
Must-Visit Places in Venice
Grand Canal is an iconic place in Venice, and a must visit the place during your Venice Tour. The canal is surrounded by beautiful buildings and castles on either side. Evenings here at the Grand Canal are mesmerising and the best place for a couple on their honeymoon trip to take a stroll here. 
Doge’s Palace which was the Palace of Justice is one of the top places here in Venice. The beautiful gothic architecture of the palace is very mesmerising and picturesque. 
Piazza San Marco is the most famous public square in Venice. During the peak season, this place is filled with tourists who have come to enjoy their Venice Holiday. It located right in front of Doge’s palace. 
This gallery is one of the best art galleries and museums in the world. The gallery houses many beautiful Venetian art collections. Tourists who are history buffs will enjoy this place during their holiday trip to Venice. 
Rialto Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Europe and Venice. This was built in 1588 over the Grand Canal. This is regarded as the best place to visit for tourists on their Venice Trip Package.
This modern art museum is located on the banks of the Grand Canal, and it was the residence of Peggy Guggenheim. This museum is home to a lot of art collections from famous artists to some lesser known artists too. This is a mandatory place in every Venice Vacation Package.

Things/ Activities to do in Venice

Venice offers a lot of things and activities for its tourists. It is indeed a very romantic place. Here are some of the things to do on your Venice Tour Package. 
Venice is well known for its network of canals and the romantic atmosphere it creates. The iconic gondola ride is a must do things in Italy. There is no thoroughfare as magical as the Grand Canal. A ride along the thoroughfare will give you a glimpse of the city’s grand architecture and history.
Burano island is a 40 min ride on a vaporetto from Venice.  This colourful island is filled with homes painted in every colour of the rainbow. You can take a stroll past the 13th-century church of Santa Caterina.
The Rialto Food & Wine tour takes place around the fresh daily markets, where samples of fresh cow cheese are offered from the highlands of Asiago, chunks of polenta with seafood and olives from the Lake Garda are also exhibited. This is an ideal activity in every Venice Honeymoon Packages.
Take a private yacht at Lazzaretto Nuovo, where a lot of cultural activities such as exhibitions,  interactive events and also available are guided tours of the scriptures on the walls that tell the tales of ancient merchants.
This is a popular destination among tourists on their Venice Trip. This island is a 30-km away and can be reached by taking a water taxi. Visit the infamous Hotel Riviera, which was a refuge for the well-known writers Ernest Hemingway and Lord Byron. The Venice Film Festival is held here every September, perfect for star spotting.

What to eat in Venice?
Sea-food is loved throughout by the Venetian folk. Cuttlefish tops the list. Rissoto Nero or Black Rice is made from cuttlefish ink. Some of the other delicacies that you should try on your Venetian Holiday are : 
This is a sweet-sour dish consisting of fried sardine fillets, onions, raisins and pine nuts. This is appealing for the locals, and a must try dish on your trip to Venice. 
This is a rice-based starter which is not precisely a risotto nor a soup, Risi e Bisi is made with vialone nano rice, pancetta, onion, butter, parsley among other ingredients. 
Venice is home to a variety of microclimates, creating the perfect conditions for growing both quality red and white wines. The sparkling white wine Prosecco and the Bellini and Spritz has become quite fashionable as a pre-dinner drink during recent time. Clench your thirst by trying this wine on your Venice vacation. 

Festivals Celebrated in Venice
This is celebrated widely around Venice with total participation from the local folk. During the duration of late January and early February, St. Mark’s Square, will be crowded with people in costumes and masks.
Venice Biennale is one of the most important events in the field of art. This is a contemporary visual art exhibition, and it is held every “odd” year or biennially.
The Venice International Film Festival is a huge event that is part of the Biennale. During this time a huge show is held and has participation from top celebrities.
La Sensa is a festival that celebrated the marriage of Venice to the Sea. A procession of boats is held, led by the mayor and he throws a ring into the sea to symbolise the marriage.