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Know before you plan your Zurich Tour

With a rich culture and exciting attractions, there is a lot to indulge and experience in Zurich. There are many art and entertainment options scattered throughout the city that gives this place a distinct multicultural character and vibe. Zurich is also termed as ‘The Portal to the Alps,’ due to its proximity to the Swiss Alps. Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland with a population of 4 lakh, it is home to leading institutes of the world and is a global financial centre.
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How to reach Zurich?

Zurich has excellent connectivity via air to all the major airports of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The direct flight is pretty costly but will take you to Zurich within 7 -8 hours. If you prefer cheaper options, then take flights via Dubai, Heathrow or German airports. Flight rates to Zurich skyrocket during June- August season it is best to book in advance if you are planning for a trip during this peak season.
Best time to visit Zurich

Summers are pleasantly hot with temperatures hovering around 25-28 degrees, but that also means that the hotel rates would go through the roof. June- August is considered as summer months and a good time to visit the city if you are looking to explore the city itself.
                Season                 MonthTypePrice Range(Rs.)
Spring/Summer       Apr-Aug        Off-Season       50000-100000
Fall Sept-Nov    Peak-Season       60000-150000
                 Winter Dec-Mar    Off-Season      40000-200000
However, if you want to ski in the world famous Swiss Alps which houses the longest ski route in central Europe make sure to reach Zurich in December to February when there is winter in Zurich. If you want to have the best of both worlds, then visit Zurich in the fall season of September-November the hotel rates are also pretty reasonable

If you are planning to visit from March-May then you will also get cheaper hotels. But do remember to carry an umbrella as swiss rains tend to be unpredictable.
Zurich Sightseeing
Must-Visit Places in Zurich

Want to get a feel of medieval Europe? Then visit the old city area of Zurich. You will find the rustic buildings each having a story of their own. You can visit Brunnenturm the headquarters of money changers of Lombard of the 14th and 15th century. To get a feeling of how the interiors looked during the Renaissance period, you can visit the Haus zum Napt which has all the furniture and décor left as it is from the renaissance era. Want to shop for antiques? Go to street 27 and take a souvenir to envy for.
Lake Zurich is lined with parks and promenades, a favourite amongst the locals, especially during the weekends. You can find people soaking the sun, swimming in the lake, jogging around, families having a picnic or just people reading their favourite books. You can visit the Zurichhorn Park where you will find a Chinese garden and a boat that runs from the museum to the lake ar Zurihorn.
For all, you art lovers Zurich has something exceptional to cater to your tastes. The Kunsthaus is managed by the Zurich society of arts and was founded in 1787. It has a fine collection of great artists like Charles Munch and Monet. The paintings here are from impressionists, modern and post-impressionist era. You will find the most exquisite paintings from van Gogh's and Cezanne's last days.
Emperor Ludwig built this famous church in Zurich for his daughter Hildegard. The main attraction of the church is the set of five stained glass windows created by famed artist Marc Chagall the stained glass windows depict essential scenes from the Bible, an angel trumpeting the end of the world, scenes from Jesus and Moses' life.
The Zurich zoo is home of more than 300 species of animals from all around the world. The most beautiful thing about this zoo is that animals live in this zoo the way they live in their natural habitat the snow leopards live in the frozen mountains as they live in the Himalayas, penguins can be found swimming in the chilly Antarctic like waters. You can even find an elephant family in Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park.
Things to do in Zurich
Head to the Kreis 5 district of Zurich to see and take photos of colourful umbrellas; it has over 50 umbrellas with unique design flowers, polka dots and what not you will cherish this experience for a lifetime.
Zurich can be cold even during the summers, so what do you do in a cold city? Go for a thermal spa. The location is unique too; in an old brewery!! You can either choose to have a thermal spa in the wooden tubs or from the rooftop pool sipping wine and having a view of the city.
The botanical garden in the city houses 9000 different species, yet the most attractive part is the glass domes which have the most exotic species of plants.
Food to try here in Zurich
If you are in Zurich and you haven’t tried cheese fondue, then it is a crime!!. Picture this the world famous Swiss cheese melted and mixed with different ingredients like herbs, tomatoes, mushrooms served with bread and finest Swiss wine, Ah!! Heaven on earth.
This is a traditional Swiss dish where you have fried potatoes which are crispy on the outside and oozing hot on the inside, add apple or bacon to the batter, and you will have a taste to remember.
Often served with rosti, rice or noodles this tongue-twisting delicacy is also a tongue relishing one. The name Zurcher Geschnetzeltes means meat in Zurich style, although simple in preparation wherein it consists of meat with onion and mushrooms the dish is a favourite among the locals and a special treat during the winters.
The Swiss take their patients seriously, so seriously that they invent dishes for them. Zurich is the place where the world’s first muesli was made, by one Dr Maximillian who started feeding his patients this nutritious diet of cereals and fruits so that they could recover at a faster pace. Come and experience the original Swiss style Muesli, the Birchermuesli.
Festivals celebrated in Zurich

Zuri Fascht is the largest carnival of Switzerland celebrated in Zurich around the lake basin. The festival is celebrated every three years, and the last time 2 million visitors flocked to Zurich to enjoy the festival. People parade with masks on, there is music, and great food and the celebration lasts the whole weekend, adding icing to the cake is the musical fireworks show. Luckily for you, the festival is this year from 5-7 the July do not miss this experience of a lifetime if you are going to Zurich in July.