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European Delights

7 Nights   3 Hotel

European Delights

Paris - 3N, Zurich - 2N, Lucerne - 2N

European Highlights

6 Nights   3 Hotel

European Highlights

Paris - 2N, Interlaken - 2N, Zurich - 2N

Scintillating Europe

12 Nights   3 Hotel

Scintillating Europe

Paris - 2N, Interlaken - 2N, Lucerne - 2N, Zurich - 1N, Milan - 1N, Florence - 2N, Venice - 2N

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Sure, everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but what else does France have to offer to its patrons who eagerly visit it? France can captivate its visitors with its historic cities, the architecture, and the blissful countryside. Also, there are important places like the castles of the Loire Valley, and Brittany and Normandy. In addition to it, France offers a climate that’s perfectly agreeable to vacationists all-round the year.
France also boasts some of the best beaches in Europe. The incredible beaches of French Riviera, the Atlantic coast, and the beautiful island of Corsica that offers an a la carte of possibilities for winter sports activities. So if you are a sports enthusiast and with a love for snow, then this place surely needs to be there in your bucket list. And how can one talk about France without mentioning the Alps and the Pyrenees? Home to a rich, deep-rooted culture the regions of Alps and Pyrenees, not surprisingly, boasts of the most celebrated food and wines in the entire world.
The sheer variety that France has to offer is unquestionable. Each of its city is popularly known around the world for the goodies it has to offer. Paris, a fashionista’s dream, is a city that prides itself on being the destination for anyone who wants to update their wardrobe with top designer labels in the world. Make sure to visit the Vuitton line Avenue Montaigne and Avenue des Champs-Elysées, the two upscale streets of Paris. Bordeaux is famed for the wine industry. Burgundy is home to world-class wineries, navigable canals, and grand chateau. Lourdes is known globally for Notre-Dame de Lourdes, a major Catholic pilgrimage site.

So, with our France Holiday Packages, we promise to deliver nothing but the best this great nation has to offer. Don’t worry though, all you need to remember is to say ‘Bonjour’ when you finally arrive in France, leave everything else to us.

Places in France

Paris Nice Lille Chamonix